• Domestic, industrial and agricultural waste and wastewater management, project planning and turnkey plant construction,
  • Projects for obtaining energy from waste,
  • Operation of waste treatment and storage facilities,
  • Solar and biomass (biogas) energy systems,
  • Industrial / Special purpose steel works and Piping projects



In our latest project, a groundwater treatment plant will be operational soon, with the capacity of 6.500 m3/day


Preliminary assessment, planning, process design and implementation, overall project management, supervision and commissioning.


Systems and steel construction according to specific needs of industrial plants on project basis.  Our constructions are used in different sectors and areas such as mining, environment and energy, ventilation piping and water filtration systems.


Focused on steel fabrication and mechanical assembly of industrial plants.  Steel frame and roof structure applications, tanks, silos, boilers, OHS compliant platforms, stairs and railings.